Please excuse the incompleteness of our under construction web site.

I-Pei LLC is a young company that has aspirations of being able to produce products that can satisfy specific needs and desires that a person has. Our initial offering is an educational i-Phone application that can answer an old belief that if you dig a hole straight down, through the earth, that you would come out in China. If you want to know more just click here. Our future planed products will satisfy more pressing needs like:

·         A commute adviser to help lessen the pain of the daily commute

·         A teen driver nanny that would track a driver and be able to report on driving habits as well as traffic violations in near real time.

Our company name and Chinese symbol stand for match, much like the match between the girl and her dog in our banner photo. We will strive to produce products that take a person’s need and matches that need with a product that not only satisfies that need but does so with an intuitive and issue free product.